Information for Parents

Give the Gift of Sleep

In these Covid-19 times, your son or daughter is going to be spending more time in their room than ever. Make sure that they have the most comfortable arrangements possible to make the semester exceptional! With Sader Sleeps, you never have to worry about your son or daughter getting a quality night's sleep again.

Secure Your Mattress

Sleep is vital to a fruitful college experience.

We believe sleep is important. College students often sacrifice many of their sleep hours to finish papers or study for exams, making it even more important to get restful sleep in that limited time frame. The effects of getting this restful sleep in college are numerous:
-Increased GPA
-Restoration of energy
-Strengthened immune system
-More creative and clear thinking
-Improved memory
-Positive moods
-Better performance throughout the day

What about mattress toppers?

The majority of students opt to add thin mattress toppers on top of their mattress. However, these mattress toppers can shift and can only offer inconsistent support to the whole body. Most students simply throw their used mattress topper out at the end of the year because the flimsy depth makes them wear down very quickly. That's $150-$300 down the drain every year for a product that doesn't even provide quality sleep!

How Sader Sleeps Can Help

We rent the most comfortable luxury mattresses on the market. Our mattresses are 5 times deeper than the average mattress topper! Not only are our mattresses deeper, but they are also designed with the most advanced hybrid technology. A more contouring top layer of premium, high-responsive foam—paired with individually encased coils—offers just the right amount of pressure point relief for side and combination sleepers. Cooling technology in the outer layer ensure a cool and comfortable sleep for all. For the cost of only 2 cups of coffee a week, you can ensure your best year of sleep at a bargain price!

One Click and Done!

The best part about Sader Sleeps is that our process is completely hassle free! We install the mattress directly to your son/daughter's room or house before they ever get to Worcester! And when the year is done, we remove it from the room and store it for your student to use next year. No more stress on move-in day and no more storage hassle over the summer!

Worried About Sanitation?

Don't be.

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